The CSIT story

We have been to the fore in the construction of identity management, identity and access management (IAM) and identity security in Finland for around ten years. We have acquired our skills and know-how together with exellent clients, varied and challenging projects, and diverse operating environments.

The story of CSIT Finland Oy as we know it today began a few years ago in collaboration with key clients. Our story continues and keeps evolving with our clients. Our ambitions drive us to put our vision into practice, in line with our goals and values.

Our goal

Our aspiration is to be a leading identity and access management solutions and services provider, together with our partners, in Finland and in Europe.

Client satisfaction is our main goal. We achieve it by focusing on the client and their needs during the entire client relationship. Good technological solutions and services, the right partners, the welfare of our staff and successful business activities all play their part in reaching our goal of client satisfaction.

Our values

We base our work and operations in four basic values: Parnership, Curiosity, Care and Integrity. These values must be visible in all our interactions with clients, partners, staff, authorities and other stakeholders, as well as reflect to our social and community responsibility.

Our vision

Based on our vision, we enable trustworthy and smooth relations between people, assets, devices and solutions.

Digital identities are becoming ever more meaningful, and functional identity and access management (IAM) is becoming ever more important. In a digitalizing world, people can no longer rely on a handshake, seeing a familiar face or verifying a physical identification document. The move of services and buying online, identity theft, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence (AI) applications all demand the ability to create relationships of trust beyond traditional person-to-person ones.

We need easy, reliable ways to define and manage relationships of trust between people and applications or devices. IAM and the constant development of the solutions it brings with it are a solution for this.

As technology develops, we also need reliable solutions for the definition, management and oversight of relationships of trust between devices, between devices and applications, and between and inside applications (such as AI components). At CSIT, we want to be part of the development of these solutions, and we want to do so in a significantly international position.