Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Managing access to solutions, to data, to services, to properties is hard work, especially when there are frequent changes to staff and people need to use many different solutions.Granting, creating, maintaining and deleting user credentials require a great deal of pointless manual work from data administrators and supervisors. In addition when users have to remember, update and manually enter numerous usernames and passwords, they waste a lot of time that could be spent on their core duties.Our IAM solutions reduce routine work, improve data security and help you focus on what’s essential. We also solve the paradox of usability and security by both improving usability and strengthening security. 

Unified identity data is the foundation

Our identity and access management (IAM) solutions help you by uniting and unifying all distributed person data into a single identity masterdata pool where it is simple to manage.

Role based automation is crucial

Access rights based on roles, duties and service periods are used to automate the management of credentials throughout their lifecycle. This means users always have the correct credentials, regardless of time, location and device, but to provide security only when they need those credentials. Our solution allows you to manage similar way all the identities you need in your organization – internal users, external users and also student interns.

Efficiency from access management

Our access management solutions make it easier for users to sign on and enhance data security in many ways. Single sign-on (SSO) makes users’ lives easier, and two-factor authentication increases security. The same access management methods can be used on fixed and mobile devices.

Faster credential activation

Our solution makes creating and editing user credentials faster and easier. This is a significant time-saver when there are many new and fixed-term employees and when there is high turnover of people and duties. Each new employee gets the right credentials from day one.

Higher information security

When creating and editing credentials is easy, users always have the privileges they need. This means temporary credentials are unnecessary, and that data security procedures do not need to be bypassed when a user does not have the credentials. There are several benefits for data security. These include the ease of signing on and off, the option of two-factor authentication and the automatic deletion of credentials when employees’ service period ends or role changes.

Smooth system use

With our solution, app users always have the right credentials. This means their work is secure and can flow smoothly. SSO makes entering usernames and passwords manually unnecessary, which makes the use of data systems significantly faster. Our solution also supports fast user switching in shared devices which provides better productivity and gives smiles for user’s faces.

Lower license costs and device investments

Many applications are invoiced per number of users. When IAM is automated, the credentials of former employees or roles do not linger in the system. This makes licence invoices based on inaccurate user numbers a thing of the past.

Mobile revolution is on in many business areas, especially in healthcare and logistics. One obstacle in making full use of mobile devices has been cost of investment, if all the employees have to be provided with an own device. Now our SSO solution makes shared devices easy to use and secure to use. This typically lowers the investment needs to one third without giving up any productivity objectives.