Identity data management

Identity data management is a key part of identity and access management (IAM). The personal data that form part of identity data is often dispersed across systems, with varying content and quality. This creates a lot of manual work and pointless form-filling to verify the right information. Incorrect or incomplete identity data is also a challenge for data security.

CSIT DataMaster

We have designed our identity data management solution in cooperation with our Finnish clients.

The solution combines data from several personal and identity data sources into a single database that can be managed from a single administration panel. The system is complemented with other data needed for IAM: organizational structure, supervisors, approval procedures, leaves of absence, substitutes, job descriptions and service periods.

The system is used to administer people’s privileges in a role-based way. The privileges are entered into external systems to ensure that users have access to the services necessary for their work, such as patient data, customer data, order data and office programs.

The system helps give the user an up-to-date overview of identity management. Our diverse reporting opportunities make monitoring and auditing easier. They also help comply with GDPR.

External identities

Our CSIT DataMaster solutions includes modules for administering the identifies of specialists and interns who are not members of your staff. Intern data management reduces the large annual workload related internships. External identity management ensures that all the people who needs access to systems get the necessary data to perform their duties.

Easy organizational change management

Privileges based on role-based service periods make it easy to manage changes in your organization. They ensure that when roles change or you have a lot of new employees, substitutes or interns, every employee has the necessary credentials from the start of the first shift. Data administrators and supervisors are spared pointless routine work and employees can perform their duties efficiently from the start.

Up-to-date personal data in all systems

Master Data Management ensures that the personal data related to identities are maintained in a centralized way. In addition to being received, data can also be used to update other systems, such as telephone numbers.