Our partners

We strive to give our clients the best possible identity and access management (IAM) solutions and services. We can do this thanks to CSIT proprietary software, together with the solutions of our world-class technology partners and the services of our channel partners.

Imprivata — a global leader in healthcare solutions

Imprivata is the world’s largest company focusing on healthcare data security solutions. Its clients include over 2,000 hospital districts worldwide, and over 7 million users benefit from the company’s services every day.

CSIT represents Imprivata in Finland and we have provided Imprivata enterprise Single Sign-on (eSSO) solutions together with our local services to our Finnish clients.

SecMaker — an expert in strong authentication

For over two decades, SecMaker, has developed unique, platform-independent data security solutions which give users a strong, fast and reliable verification, electronic signatures, and email and document encryption.

CSIT is a partner of SecMaker and we have delivered strong authentication technologies to our clients as part of broader solutions.

Zebra – pioneer of intelligently connecting assets, data, and people

As the pioneer at the edge of the enterprise, Zebra Technologies serves thousands of customers including many of the world’s top companies. Zebra invests in innovations to empower front-line performance so brands can deliver differentiated service and care to thrive into the future. 

CSIT is part of Zebra’s PartnerConnect Partner Program as a Registered Independent Software Vendor (ISV). This collaboration will help ensure that Zebra mobile computers and tablets work seamlessly with CSIT’s solutions.

Resellers of CSIT solutions

Several reseller and service partners in Finland deliver our solutions for identity masterdata management (Identity MDM), for identity and access management (IAM) and for single sign-on (SSO) areas.

Our sales and services partners are specialized in serving their customers and providing first class expertise and services.

If you are interested in becoming one of our resellers or service partners, please get in touch with us. We’ll be delighted to talk more about cooperation.


Istekki – nationwide information, communications and medical technology services provider

Istekki is a strong expert and services integrator for especially social and healthcare services organisations and public segment. Istekki takes wide responsibility for providing solutions and services for cities and municipalities, for healthcare districts, for joint municipal authorities and corporates.

CSIT and Istekki cooperate in providing single sign-on solutions and services to enable better usability and stronger security for workstations, for mobile devices and for medical devices, which brings substantial cost savings and better productivity.

Medanets – the best mobile app for nursing

The Medanets app transforms nursing care by increasing patient safety and quality of nursing. In the hectic and demanding working environment the mobile app also improves job satisfaction and lowers stress levels. The app has been developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals. It simplifies nursing routines, supports decision making and releases time to care. The Medanets app is used in over 50 hospitals and healthcare units in the Nordics.

CSIT Finland’s single sign-on solution for mobile devices and the possibility of making full use of shared mobiles enhances the benefits that the Medanets mobile app provides. Healthcare organizations gain significant benefits by combining mobile solutions from CSIT and Medanets.

Optiscan – leading streamliner of logistical processes

Optiscan provides solutions tested and proved in the most demanding environments from end-to-end warehouse control solutions to product and process tracking in manufacturing. Particularly in retail, warehousing, transportation & logistics, distribution & 3PL and healthcare logistics, future process and technology development is based on utilizing mobile technology. 

CSIT and Optiscan work together with providing single sign-on solutions, that make the use of mobile devices easier and more secure, to Optiscan’s customers. Single sign-on solutions provide significant cost savings and other process optimization benefits.