Our services

We support our clients in all areas of identity and access management (IAM) during their entire lifecycles. We help clients find the best solutions for their needs, deliver them in turnkey condition, support the clients during use and constantly develop solutions along the way.


We use analysis to find out what the current situation is, establish the goal, and, as a result, provide a development report with suggestions for solutions. We do this for the entire IAM need or a part of it. Identity data is a typical object of analysis: how to harmonize and manage them and to get them to serve, in a data-secure and user-friendly way, the management of access rights to systems and premises.


Our specialists from various area of IAM are available at all stages of the solution lifecycle — design, launch optimization, usage enhancement and solution development.

In solution consulting, our specialists help in the launch planning, launch and enhancement of use. Our development solution services help in designing the correct kind of services, process development and the conceptualization of IAM solutions.

Proof of Concept (PoC) and piloting

PoC and piloting can be used to test how suitable a solution is for the intended operating environment. The key features of the desired solutions are tested in a smaller environment than the final need. The object of the PoC is often an SSO solution or identity data management. PoC can also be made a part of an analysis service.

Piloting means launching the first stage of the solution while beginning production in a few departments of the company. The lessons learned in piloting are used when expanding the launch to all departments.


Solution delivery is often a project that involves several service elements. The preparatory stage may include analysis of the present and goal situation, solution design, orientation training and piloting. The actual delivery stage includes installation and user training.


Training in IAM and the areas in it is generally delivered as a tailored, client-specific service. This allows us to focus effectively on the system use in line with our clients’ processes. These training sessions can be orientation in operating methods provided before delivery, or system user training provided after it.


We set the necessary level of client support for use of our solutions individually. The levels of support are Platinum, Gold and Silver. Service time, service response time, forms of support and service request priority are some of the criteria we use to assess service level.


All of our solutions and software are eligible for continual maintenance. The delivery and service contracts detail the content and level of maintenance for each client. The goal of maintenance is to ensure system usability for our clients throughout the lifecycle.

Constant development

We constantly develop solutions to meet the demands set by the changing operating environments and our clients. We do this in cooperation with our clients and by participating in Finnish and international research and development (R&D) projects.