We provide all solution areas of identity and access management (IAM):

Reliable identities, precise access rights, robust authentication and single sign-on which eases workflow.

Our software and service solutions for our Finnish clients are built in cooperation with those clients, our international technology partners and our local service partners. The entire solution is constantly developed to make data administration and users’ everyday life easier and enhance data security many times over.

Solutions for healthcare

Hospital districts, other healthcare units and social services units have been key clients of ours through the years. They use our role-based and service period based solutions to manage the identities of all necessary internal and external personnel and to automate identity lifecycles. They can integrate access management and single sign-on (SSO) into their electronic health records and patient data systems, on fixed and mobile devices as well as medical devices. This gives healthcare staff an additional 15 to 40 minutes for working with patients every shift, depending on their roles.

Solutions for public and private sectors

We use our decade of experience in identity and access management (IAM) area to provide both comprehensive and targeted solutions to meet all the needs of government and municipal administration and public utilities, as well as private enterprises and medium sized businesses.