Data privacy notice

The present data privacy notice describes how we process data collected from users on our website, as well as how and on what grounds the data is gathered. By using our website, you approve the practices set out in this data privacy notice.

When processing personal data, we conform to existing laws and GDPR. We only process data on legal grounds. Personal data are protected with appropriate data protection and data security practices.

Collection and use of personal data

We collect personal data for our own business needs, in particular, to be able to provide, sell and market our services as well as to recruit new staff. Our website has a form which you can use to contact us and send us personal data, such as name and contact details. We store and process the data that is provided to us via forms so we can reply to requests and provide services for our clients. We maintain a marketing and sales register, where data send to us via our website is stored. You can ask us to cease processing your data and to delete it at any time.

If you want us to cease processing and delete your data, or find out what data we hold on you, please contact

Data storage and processing

Data is stored in accordance with good data protection practices. Data is only processed by people who need the information for their duties.

Data disclosure and sharing

We do not disclose to or share with third parties the personal data we have collected. An exception to this is situations in which the law or statutory authorities require us to disclose data, or third parties who participate in the provision of services which require them to receive the collected data. Such a third party undertakes to process the data confidentially.

We use third-party services (such as identity and access management as a cloud service) in which collected personal data is stored. However, personal data is not stored or transferred outside the EU.


Our website may use cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is stored on the user’s computer and which tells the website (via the browser) information about the user. Such information may include IP address and device. Cookies are used to try and improve the site user experience and generate information about how our website is used to support improvements in marketing. If you wish, you can change your browser settings to prevent the use of cookies.

Our website may also use third-party services (such as Google Analytics) to analyse website use. Such services use cookies to collect information about site use. Examples of data collected are where the user has come to our website from, what sub-page the user has visited and how much time the user spends on our website.


Controller information

Contacts and enquiries related to data protection