Reliable identities and smooth access

Our identity management solution, designed with our clients, makes employees’ everyday lives easier and improves data security. The solution is also at the heart of our total identity and access management (IAM) solutions and services offering.Trustworthy identity is the foundation of strong data security.

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Correct access rights from day one

Your employees can focus on their work, not solving IT issues, freeing up a vast amount of resources.


Costs are lower and data is more secure when user credentials are easy to manage.

Everyone’s access rights are up to date and you do not need to pay for licences you don’t use.

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30 minutes’ extra working time on every shift

Single sign-on (SSO) allows healthcare workers to access patient information without delays and focus on care, not IT.


Single sign-on (SSO)

"Entering usernames and passwords takes me a lot of time and I don’t even always remember my passwords."

In our SSO solution, entering passwords is not needed as user credentials are activated using a smart card. Access to for example patient information is given in a few seconds.

This gives the staff, for example in healthcare area, up to 30 minutes’ more time for working with patients each shift.


Identity and Access Management (IAM)

"There are a lot of changes among our staff and we can’t activate or maintain access rights efficiently. This creates more work, generates additional licensing costs and weakens data security."

With our solution, the access rights of your own and external staff are kept up to date in accordance with the employee’s role, nature of employment and the life cycle of the service period.

Users always have the right credentials when they need them, and expired credentials are automatically deleted with no additional licensing costs.


Identity data Management (IdM)

"Our employees’ identity data is dispersed across many systems, which creates a lot of work, unreliable data and data security threats."

With our solution, person data is united and unified to one database. Identity data is enriched for example with information about organization, job role, substitutes and service periods.

All identity data, including temporary external staff and student trainees, is in a uniform format and the right and precise credentials can be easily maintained.



"Password security is the largest risk factor for our data security. There are too many to remember, they are often weak, and mere passwords are not enough anymore to prevent encroachment of identities."

Our strong two- and three-factor authentication methods bring data security to a new level, regardless of device and whether someone is in or out of the office. Combined with a single sign-on solution, we can provide both strong security and high usability.

When people no longer need to remember passwords, using systems is easier and faster. At the same time, data security is stronger when there is no possibility for human error.


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